About Us

Binding Bharat is a collective youth network founded in order to identify and meet the challenges that nation states are facing all over the world today. Binding Bharat is based on a single premise that young people have the potential and willingness to bring about momentous change, therefore they must be provided with opportunities to play a significant role for creating better lives for themselves, their communities and society as a whole. We strongly believe that as we continue to work, in our own ways, in our respective communities, there is great value to be gained through the exchange of experiences, information and ideas, and by supporting one another at a global level. This network is therefore our own tool, through which we can become more familiar with the realities of the people in our own regions and elsewhere, and can express freely our expectations, hopes and concerns.

At a time when information is becoming more and more accessible through new technological advancements, we have greater awareness than ever before of the world outside our own. Each day we see the devastating effects of conflict, poverty, injustice, homelessness, crime, environmental devastation, inequality, drug abuse and disease. We can, as individuals, feel overwhelmed or frozen by a sense of helplessness in the face of such tremendous problems. For a better tomorrow the world needs to form common grounds & who else better to voice it than the youth today.It is not only a question of proposals but also of actions!

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